You can complete a term, a year or the rest of your high school education in one of the world’s most beautiful and historic cities—Florence, Italy.

Opening September 2017/2018

Blyth is Canada’s leading private school by enrollment, and the top provider of opportunities for Canadian students to complete secondary school credits abroad. In 1977, Sam Blyth created his first educational program in Florence, and Blyth has continued to send students ever since.

The new Blyth Academy International Boarding School in Florence will reflect the values of Blyth Academy: a safe, accessible, experiential and progressive learning experience which actively engages your child in their secondary school studies, and prepares them for success in life.

In Florence, students will have the signature Blyth experience defined by:

Average class size of fewer than 8 students
Focus on experiential learning
Superb individualized learning
Expert, empathetic & available faculty
Cultural immersion that will enrich & transform students
An experience that will last a lifetime

The school experience is flexible, challenging and stimulating. Much like Florence itself.

They Explore and Tour

It’s been said that all roads lead from Florence. Florence offers easy access to a number of Italian destinations. Students can enjoy weekends at Pompeii, The Amalfi Coast, Naples, and Rome. They can take day trips to Pisa, Siena, Venice or Milan. Everything is arranged to deliver students the best experience Italy has to offer.

They Succeed

Last year, we placed 98 per cent of our students in the colleges and universities of their choice. During holidays they will have access to our guidance staff at Blyth Academy schools in Canada and the U.S.

They Are Safe and Secure

Our primary concern is the health, well-being and security of our students. We encourage them to participate in organized extracurricular activities and to use their free time to strengthen their physical, mental and emotional health. Our extensive experience in travel education over the past 40 years has enabled Blyth to create solid action plans, and have the staff-on-hand to handle any emergency situation.

Meet or Talk with Us

The best way to answer your questions is face-to-face. So look for upcoming information sessions on our website. If you can’t attend a session, just call our Admission Advisors at 1-866-960-3552, or e-mail admissions@blytheducation.com.

Application and Payment

When you are ready you apply online or download an application form and submit via fax to 416-960-9506 or mail to: Blyth Academy, 160 Avenue Rd, Toronto, Ontario M5R 2H8. A deposit payment is required to process your application. The application form asks you to choose your term or terms and courses, and to complete the contact details for both the parents/guardians and student. Once your application is processed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation your enrollment and outlining next steps regarding the Personal Information Form.

Personal Information Form

This form will be provided in the confirmation e-mail sent immediately after you register. This form will request important information such as a copy of your passport, dietary and medical information, a signed media waiver, any roommate and classmate requests, and proof of applicable prerequisites. You can also note personal requests and concerns.

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